Request Mailing Labels

Network with nonprofits.

Part of the Center’s mission is to help nonprofits network so that you can share knowledge and strengthen relationships. Nonprofit Center Members get a FREE one-time mailing or email list of up to 100 nonprofits. You can sort by field, region, or mission and then use the list for outreach or networking purposes (not for marketing products or services, please). 

Member nonprofits can also pay for the one-time rental of a larger list to promote your programs or services from our robust database of more than 10,000 NC nonprofits. Request a quote for custom mailing labels. 


The Center will review whether your proposed mailing is congruent with the Center's mission. If it is, we'll contact you within the week. If you have any questions, email or call 919/790-1555, ext. 100.

Your request will be emailed, generally within three work days after payment is received. Pre-payment is required.

I, the submitter, agree to use this set of labels/this listing only one time and only for the purpose stated above. I will not include in my mailing any reference to the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits. I understand that violators will be identified and action taken accordingly.