The CARes Project
The CARes Project
Desired Location: 
Triad Area
Organization Type: 
Executive Director/CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The CARes Project, Inc. (CARes) is the top executive staff member of The CARes Project, Inc.  The CEO is accountable to the Board of Directors (BOD) of CARes and directly reports to the President of the Board of Directors. The CEO is responsible for implementing the policies of CARes as established and approved by the BOD.  Visit website for more details:
1. Must have at least an undergraduate degree in a field related to the basic mission of CARes as determined by the BOD
2. Must have actual work experience from a business or non-profit organization where gained knowledge in working with those similar to the client base served by CARes 
3. Should have experience in personal financial management and personal credit management
4. Must have prior experience in personnel management and fund raising
5. Must be able to demonstrate professionalism while maintaining compassion for those served
6. Must be of high moral and ethical standard
7. Must remain transparent and accountable to the BOD
8. Must adopt and promote the vision and mission of CARes as established by the BOD.
1. Work with the clients served with guidance and direction to achieve the goals and objectives as established for each client within the guidelines of established program policies, procedures, and protocol of CARes
2. Treat all clients with respect and show no favoritism towards (or against) any client
3. Direct and work with subordinate staff of CARes to insure #1 & #2
4. Work directly with clients throughout the time a client is involved with CARes including financial and credit counseling and coaching
5. Train subordinate staff to deal with clients in the areas of a financial and credit counseling and coaching
6. Insures that CARes maintains all records (especially client files) updated, secured, and confidential
7. Responsible for making sure CARes completes all reporting requirements on a timely basis to the IRS, CDFI Fund, other government agencies, and funders and maintains a copy of that information in a secured file at CARes (exception: certain files are kept secured on secure websites)
8. Required to keep all Internet information as secured as possible and that computer data is backed up in a timely manner as appropriate
9. In charge of fund raising and maintaining funding necessary for the sustainability of CARes
10. Become and remain active and engaged in the community to promote CARes to the community and to raise funds for CARes from community resources
11. Must maintain communication with community partners (those organizations and individuals in the community that assist with CARes carrying out its mission)
12. Secure funding from local, state and national sources including but not limited to: United Way(s); community, regional and national foundations; local and national businesses; local, state and national government agencies; and other local, state, and national sources
13. Responsible for the preparation and maintenance of all financial records in a complete and proper format as set by GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
14. Responsible for properly tracking and accounting for all income and expenses of CARes
15. Insures that income to CARes is properly documented, secured, and deposited in the bank account(s) of CARes
16. Responsible for insuring that all disbursements of CARes funds are appropriately authorized and documented
17. Responsible for over-seeing any additional staff of CARes
18. Responsible for proposing to the BOD the hiring of additional staff as needed and financially feasible for the proper operation of CARes
19. Responsible for discipline and termination of employees as specified in already established CARes policies.  
20.  Assists the BOD in developing and modifying, as necessary, the policies and procedures needed to properly operate CARes (new policies and changes to existing policies require BOD approval)
21. Responsible for developing an annual budget for CARes that would be presented to the BOD for approval
22. Responsible for developing  a  3-year projected (future) budget for CARes that will be reviewed by the BOD
Note:  CARes plans to expand to other counties in 2019 and beyond.  The duties and responsibilities of the CEO and other staff of CARes will likely grow and change over time.  The BOD does see the job of the CEO evolving into a more administrative role as CARes expands into other counties.

Career Level: 
Job Type: 
Salary Range: 

It is the desire of the BOD of CARes to provide the CEO with comparable compensation and benefits to those in similar roles within the community.   Starting salary: $40,000-$50,000(excluding benefits)

How to Apply: 

email cover letter and resume to:

Or mail to:  David Roddick, The Cares Project, Inc., PO Box 851, Mocksville, NC 27028