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What's the secret to getting media coverage? Stephen Martin, director of public relations at the nonprofit Center for Creative Leadership, gives a taste of his conference session in his guest blog post.

You’ve probably been cautioned to avoid using social media as a fundraising tool and to focus instead on donor “engagement” – which will someday lead to fundraising opportunities. But when? What about all of those nonprofits using social media to raise money right now? Can you create a social media strategy that both engages people and raises money? You can, and that’s what expert Kivi Leroux Miller will be talking about during  her workshop called Social Media: Your On-Ramp to Future Fundraising at our annual conference.

With the fall’s event season fast approaching, it’s time to think about what you can do to ratchet upyour events to the next level. The success of a great event is never coincidental; it’s based on creating and executing a sound strategy. Anissa Starnes, regional development director of the Carolinas at Constant Contact, provides a sneak-peak of her session “Event Marketing 2.0”at our 2012 Conference. 

Get an insider's view of “Racial Equity: A Path to Community Change” session at our 2012 Conference from Marisol Jiménez McGee, Director of the Racial Equity Initiative at OpenSource Leadership Strategies.  She will co-facilitate this Friday workshop with colleagues Kathleen Clark and Sterling Freeman.

Guest blogger Jenny Chandler shares a bit of insight into the 2012 conference session she will host: “Expect the Unexpected – Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the Best.”

Paula Jones shares three tech terms that that provide a pulse for where technology is now and where it’s headed.

Find out why Membership Director Sarah Weissberg can't imagine doing anything other than working for a nonprofit in her latest blog post!

We’ve got tough jobs.  Nonprofit staff and board members (like you, me, and a lot of our friends) are notorious for working our tails off for causes we’re passionate about. I want to share with you something I’m passionate about – a very simple, fun way to bust some stress.

Mary Mountcastle, a trustee of the Z. Smith Reynolds and Mary Reynolds Babcock foundations, encourages funders to reconsider general operating support for nonprofits.