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Good storytellers paint vivid pictures with their words because they understand a fundamental truth about their audience: if they can see the story in their mind’s eye, they will be able to feel it in their heart. And then – and only then – will they be ready to do something in response.

During World Cafe at the 2014 Conference, we talked a lot about what we’ll need to do differently to move our sector forward and thrive. Included here are the take-aways and next steps. 

In nonprofits across the country, leaders continue to discuss and pursue the somewhat elusive sustainability. They face a coming year with more options and more pressures, but few certainties. 

We have to make clear to Senators Burr and Hagan the need for them to convince their respective party leaders to pass the America Gives More Act in September.

Tara Hickey is a staff consultant with Cambridge Leadership Associates. She shares a few notable lessons learned in her work.

What documents should you keep and for how long?  Every nonprofit needs a policy on this.  Guest writer Francisco Benzoni offers these guidelines. 

How to see the positive when things don't go as planned in the realm of technology.